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Moss Media started in April of 2022. The founder, Alyssa Moss, has been running a videography company called Moss Videography for six years. Throughout those years a lot of growth happened in the direction of commercial videography, photography, marketing, web design, and more. However the name “Moss Videography” doesn’t necessarily cover all of the bases of what we offer and has also been more commonly known for being a wedding videography company in North Carolina. Therefore a new name was born! All of the commercial clients that had been working with Moss Videography have transferred to our new name. It seems like it’s a lot easier to explain to new customers what we’re capable of when our name is a more broad term like Moss Media… And that’s about how this whole thing came about!

We're passionate about being creative. Let's make

something happen!

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Meet The Team

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Alyssa Moss
Sarah Mocanu
Art Director - Graphic Designer
Meet the Team
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